10 promotional food gifts to make your customers’ mouths water

Promotional food gifts are always a popular pick during the holidays. Nearly half of all corporate gifts are food related, according to research from American Express.

But why should gifts for the taste buds be relegated to only one season of the year? Any time is a good time to lavish your customers with flavorful custom gifts.

Consider sending food gifts in reusable baskets, tins, tumblers or gift boxes to thank your customers for a referral or for making that big purchase. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll have placed a lasting reminder of your business right into their hands.

There are some delicious benefits to giving promotional food gifts, too. You end up boosting brand recognition, fortifying business relationships, and promoting good will.

Food gifts also forge an emotional bond with customers. Food is something that appeals to all the senses, and it can be customized to fit the particular preferences of the recipients – whether they want something spicy or sweet, organic or gourmet.

Our resident food expert, Mark McLane, has hand-picked some of his favorite food finds for 2014. Chocolate gets an upgrade with unique packaging, and there are also some interesting gourmet options to spice up your gift-giving. Want to talk promotional food? Call ePromos Brand Solutions.

custom chocolate bars

If you’re looking for some unique options in chocolate, go for a shabby chic look. You can get these chocolate bars in more than a dozen flavors with plenty of custom packaging options.




custom chocolate gift box

Turn your gift of chocolate into a lasting experience with a great-looking box that recipients will want to keep.



custom chocolate bar

Nail down feelings of goodwill by giving customers a whopping two-pound chocolate bar that comes with a laser-engraved hammer bearing your logo.



salty sea caramel custom candy bar

Hebert chocolate has been wowing taste buds since 1917, and the tradition continues. You can select from 17 flavors packaged in any number of combinations or sold as singles.




custom fortune cookie

Get fortune cookies personalized with your own unique message in a dozen delicious flavors.



custom blender bottle

Okay, we know this isn’t technically a food, but you can whip up lots of good stuff in a flash with this handy bottle: protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter, salad dressing, and more.




custom oil and vinegar cruet

Here’s a gourmet gift if you want something a little different from the usual: a custom oil and vinegar cruet. It’s packaged in a gift box with your logo on the ribbon.



custom cupcake box

Yum – this bakery-style cupcake truffle box includes two devil’s food and two strawberry shortcake cupcake truffles.




custom cookies in a canister

Beautiful packaging here – cookies tucked in an air-tight canister customized with your artwork.



custom mint tin

Flip flop-shaped mint tins are perfect for summer picnics or travel-related promos.








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