6 technology promos to amp up your brand

What’s coming down the pike in technology promos? Our tech expert, Jason Wallace, has his finger on the pulse of the newest trends. He’s back from the promo industry’s largest tradeshow – The PPAI Expo – and he has handpicked six cool promotional items to put your marketing on the leading edge.

One of the biggest trends in technology is the emergence of Beats-style headphones that can be customized with a logo. In the retail market, these headphones were among the top-selling electronic gifts this past holiday season, accounting for 13 percent of the $8 billion in consumer electronic sales between November 24 and December 7, according to research firm NPD Group.

Battery packs were another big story at the show. Even though smartphones are improving in terms of battery life, many consumers turn to external battery packs to get through the day. By adding your logo to one, you’re giving customers a useful tech gift and a solution when they need a quick charge.

Let’s take a look at some of the other technology promos to make your brand fresh and relevant for 2014:

custom headphones

You can get these Beats-style headphones with a five-day production. How does that sound?


custom Juicebox

Here’s an awesome new tech find: 3600 mAh Juicebox external battery pack.


custom Grip Your Phone

The custom Grip Your Phone is perfect when you need to hold an iPad at a tradeshow.


zipper headphones

Here’s a cool twist on headphones – these ones zip!


custom  battery pack

Grab the iMojo USB battery pack with 8000 mAh to charge multiple devices at once.


custom speakers

How cute are these Fusebox speakers? They’re a fun, modern way to promote your brand.









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