The top 10 keys to exceptional marketing

There’s no doubt about it – exceptional marketing trumps ordinary marketing any day.

But what does it take to elevate your marketing to a truly exceptional level? How can you make your marketing brilliant, incomparable, unique?

You can do it by helping your audience understand who they are, and how your brand can help them. They need to know how your brand fits in with their lives and why it deserves a spot there.

That’s the essence of exceptional marketing. It’s about making your brand essential.

Now, let’s talk about how you create it. There are 10 fundamental keys to developing marketing that’s truly exceptional:

1. Always aim to be valuable.

This is the golden rule of marketing. Know your customers. Understand their wants and needs, and provide them with something of value.

2. Be daring.

Too many marketers take a me-too approach. Get out there and be bold if you want to get noticed.

3. Stay visible.

A terrible thing to happen to a brand is for it to fall off the radar and get forgotten. Be vigilant about keeping your brand top of mind. A proven way to do this is with promotional products.

4. Keep a constant focus on customers.

It’s not about your bottom line – it’s about your customers. Always.

5. Don’t overthink it.

Marketing moves fast. If you take too much time mulling over your next move, you’ll miss out.

6. Listen and respond.

Your customers will like some stuff from your brand. Other stuff, not so much. Pay attention when they tell you what they want, and then act on it.

7. Lose the sales mentality.

Stop pushing ads in your customers’ faces. Instead, join the conversation. Engage with your target audience.

8. Evolve and grow.

There are all kinds of ways to market your brand. Don’t let things get stale. Monitor your campaigns, adjust when needed, and grow with your brand.

9. Tap into the power of testimonials.

Never overlook the importance of what your customers are saying about you. Be vigilant about collecting and communicating testimonials.

10. Enjoy what you do.

If you want your target market to enjoy your brand, it first starts with you – the marketer. When you enjoy your job, it shows and illuminates everything else.

To be successful in marketing, the rules of the game have changed. It’s no longer enough to just get your name out there. You have to go above and beyond.  Exceptional marketing doesn’t just make your brand look good – it helps build customer trust and establishes your brand as an authority.


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